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Question: Can Godot export to iOS?


Yes, the Godot Engine can export games to iOS. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Export Preset Setup: First, you need to set up an export preset for iOS in your project. Go to "Project" -> "Export" and add an iOS preset.

  2. Export Templates: Ensure that you have the correct export templates for iOS installed. You can download these from within Godot by going to "Editor" -> "Manage Export Templates".

  3. Certificates and Profiles: To export to iOS, you'll need a valid Apple Developer account and you must create and install the necessary certificates and provisioning profiles. This process includes creating an App ID, development certificates, and a provisioning profile through the Apple Developer website.

  4. Xcode: The exported .ipa or Xcode project will require Apple's Xcode to compile and run. You'll have to open the exported project in Xcode, sign it with your developer credentials, and then build and run it on a device or simulator.

Here is a simple outline of the steps involved:

# Assuming you have already set up the iOS export preset, here's an example of what your export code might look like: var export_path = "user://my_game.ipa" var export_preset = "iOS" # Perform the export using Godot's scripting API (e.g., in an editor plugin) var exporter = exporter.export_project(export_path, false, export_preset)

This example assumes you are familiar with writing editor scripts or plugins. In most cases, you will be using the Godot editor GUI to handle this export process.

When exporting to iOS, keep in mind that you will need to manage app size, icons, launch images, and other settings specific to iOS. Additionally, due to Apple’s requirements, you may only export to iOS from a macOS environment.

For a detailed guide, you should refer to the official Godot documentation regarding exporting to iOS, as it provides step-by-step instructions and covers topics like handling app icons, splash screens, and troubleshooting common issues.

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