Question: Can Godot be used to make multiplayer games?


Yes, Godot can be used to make multiplayer games. The engine has a built-in networking feature that allows for the creation of both peer-to-peer and client-server multiplayer games.

Godot's networking system is designed around the high-level multiplayer API, which is relatively simple to use. This API abstracts most of the complex tasks involved in networking, such as data synchronization and RPC (Remote Procedure Calls), allowing developers to focus more on gameplay.

Here is an example of basic server-client setup code:

  1. To set up the server:
var server = server.create_server(port, max_clients) get_tree().set_network_peer(server)
  1. To set up the client:
var client = client.create_client(ip, port) get_tree().set_network_peer(client)
  1. To handle remote function calls, you can use rpc or rpc_id methods:
# For calling a remote method on all synced peers (including self) rpc("remote_method", argument) # For calling a remote method on a specific peer rpc_id(peer_id, "remote_method", argument)
  1. To define a method that can be called remotely, use the remote keyword or puppet if it should only be executed on the clients:
remote func remote_method(argument): # Code to be executed when this is called remotely.

When developing multiplayer games with Godot, one must consider how to synchronize game states across different devices, handle various network conditions, and manage latency and security concerns. The documentation provides thorough guidance and best practices for multiplayer development.

Additionally, there are many community plugins and assets that can assist with more advanced networking features and dedicated server setups.

It's also important to test the multiplayer functionality thoroughly on different networks and account for lag, packet loss, and other real-world challenges that players might face.

By using Godot's high-level networking APIs along with custom solutions where necessary, a wide variety of multiplayer experiences can be created, from small co-op games to larger competitive titles.

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