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Question: Does Godot support VR?


Yes, Godot supports virtual reality (VR). With its built-in VR support, developers can create immersive VR experiences. The engine offers a VR server architecture that allows for interfacing with various VR SDKs.

To get started with VR in Godot, you'll need to:

  1. Install the VR plugin: Install the necessary plugin for the VR headset you intend to use from the Godot Asset Library. For example, there might be plugins for OpenVR (SteamVR) or Oculus VR.

  2. Set up the main scene:

    • Create a new scene and add an ARVRCamera node which will act as your player’s viewport into the VR world.
    • Then, you need an ARVRController for tracking the VR controllers.
    var left_hand = left_hand.controller_id = 1 add_child(left_hand) var right_hand = right_hand.controller_id = 2 add_child(right_hand)
  3. Enable VR mode:

    • In the scene's script, you might write something like this to start the VR mode:
    if ARVRServer.find_interface("OpenVR").initialize(): get_viewport().arvr = true
  4. Handling input: Use the ARVRController nodes to handle VR controller input. Each controller has its own ID, and you can check for button presses and track their position/orientation.

  5. Running your project: When you run your project, make sure the VR headset is connected and ready. The game window should now present the content in VR.

Keep in mind that VR development can be quite complex, and performance optimization is crucial since VR requires high frame rates to prevent motion sickness.

While the above steps give a basic introduction to getting started with VR in Godot, VR development involves a lot more depth, including handling 3D models, spatial audio, physics interactions, and optimizing render processes for the best user experience.

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