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Question: How much space does Godot take?


The amount of space the Godot Engine takes on your hard drive can vary based on the version you are using and whether you have downloaded the standard or the Mono version (which supports C# scripting). Here are some general figures:

  • The standard version of Godot is relatively small, with download sizes for Godot 3.x versions typically being between 20 to 50 MB.
  • The Mono version, which includes support for C#, is larger due to the additional Mono runtime and libraries. This version's size can range from about 100 MB to over 200 MB.

After installation, Godot also creates cache and config folders which will take up additional space. The exact space used by these folders depends on your usage patterns, but they usually don't exceed a few hundred megabytes.

When considering the space taken by projects created within Godot, it largely depends on the assets and scripts you include in your project. A basic project might only take a few kilobytes, while a large project with numerous high-resolution textures, sound files, and complex scenes can easily take up gigabytes of space.

Here are some common components with their approximate space requirements:

- Godot Editor (Standard): ~20-50 MB compressed download, ~60-150 MB uncompressed - Godot Editor (Mono): ~100-200 MB compressed download, ~200-500 MB uncompressed - Cache/Config Folders: ~10-500+ MB depending on usage - Basic Project: ~100 KB - 10 MB - Complex Project: ~10 MB - Several GB

Keep in mind that future versions of Godot may have different space requirements.

To get the exact size of the current version of the Godot editor that you want to use, it is best to visit the official Godot website or the GitHub repository where the releases are published, and check the size of the download file(s).

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