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Question: How do you compile a Love2D game?


Compiling a Love2D game involves creating an executable that can run on various operating systems without the need for users to install Love2D. Here's how you can do it:

For Windows:

  1. Create a .love file: Bundle your game folder into a .love file by compressing it with zip and renaming the extension from .zip to .love.

    cd path_to_your_game_folder zip -9 -q -r .
  2. Download the Love2D binaries: Download the appropriate version of Love2D for Windows from the official repository.

  3. Bundle the .love file with the Love2D binary: Copy your .love file into the Love2D binaries directory. Then create an executable by concatenating the love.exe and your .love file.

    copy /b game.exe
  4. Include the necessary DLLs and licenses: Make sure to include all the required DLL files and license information in your distribution folder.

For MacOS:

  1. Follow the first step from the Windows section to create a .love file.

  2. Get for MacOS: Obtain the latest Love2D bundle for MacOS.

  3. Bundle the .love file within the package: Place the .love file inside the Contents/Resources/ directory of the package.

  4. Rename and sign the app (optional): You can rename to your game's name and sign it with your developer ID if you plan on distributing it.

  5. Create a disk image for distribution (optional): Use a tool like hdiutil to create a .dmg for easier distribution.

For Linux:

  1. Create a .love file as described in the Windows section.

  2. Install Love2D through your package manager:

    sudo apt-get install love # For Ubuntu/Debian
  3. Run your .love file directly with Love2D: Since Linux users are generally more accustomed to running scripts and commands, you can simply distribute the .love file itself.


Alternatively, if you wish to create a standalone executable for Linux, check the documentation or community forums for guides specific to your target distributions, as the process can vary widely.

Remember to test your executables thoroughly on each platform to ensure they work correctly before distribution.

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