Question: Is RPG Maker free?


No, RPG Maker is not completely free. However, there are various versions of the software, and some may offer free trials. Many versions of RPG Maker, such as RPG Maker MV or RPG Maker VX Ace, require a purchase for full access to their features. They often have a one-time fee which includes a license to use the software for game development.

Occasionally, there might be promotional periods during which certain RPG Maker versions are discounted or offered on a trial basis. It's also worth noting that there are periodic Humble Bundle deals where RPG Maker has been offered at a significantly reduced price along with assets and additional content.

For those looking for a completely free alternative to RPG Maker, there are other game engines like Godot, which is open source and free for use for any project. These alternatives may not provide the exact functionality or ease-of-use found in RPG Maker, but they can be viable options for creating games without upfront costs.

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