Question: How do you display text in Love2D?


In Love2D, text can be displayed on the screen using the function or by creating a Font object and then using it to print text. Here's how to use both methods:


This is the simpler method for drawing text directly on the screen. You specify the text, position, and optionally, rotation, scale, and other parameters.

function love.draw()"Hello, Love2D!", 400, 300) end

Using Font objects

For more control over the appearance of your text, you can create a Font object with a specific font and size, then use it to draw text.

function love.load() -- Load a font file at size 14 myFont ="font.ttf", 14) end function love.draw() -- Set the active font -- Print text using the selected font"Hello, Love2D with custom font!", 400, 300) end

To draw text with more advanced options like alignment and wrapping, you can use the function:

function love.draw() local text = "This text will be aligned and wrapped." local x, y = 100, 100 local limit = 200 -- wrap the line after this many horizontal pixels local align = "center" -- can also be 'left', 'right', or 'justify', x, y, limit, align) end

When displaying text in Love2D, remember that the default font may not support all characters or look the way you want. In these cases, loading a custom font as shown above is the recommended approach.

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