Question: How do you draw a rectangle in Love2D?


In Love2D, drawing a rectangle is accomplished through the function. Here's a basic example of how to use it:

function love.draw() -- Set the color for the rectangle (R, G, B, A), 0, 0, 1) -- Red color -- Draw a filled rectangle -- Parameters: mode, x, y, width, height'fill', 100, 100, 200, 150) -- Set a different color (optional), 1, 0, 1) -- Green color -- Draw an outline of a rectangle -- Parameters: mode, x, y, width, height'line', 400, 100, 200, 150) end

Here’s what each parameter of means:

  • The first parameter is the mode. It can be 'fill' to draw a filled rectangle, or 'line' to draw just the outline.
  • The second and third parameters are the x and y coordinates for the top-left corner of the rectangle.
  • The fourth and fifth parameters are the width and height of the rectangle.

Before drawing shapes, it's common to set the current drawing color using This function takes four arguments defining the red, green, blue, and alpha values, with each value being between 0 and 1.

When you're done drawing shapes or at the start of a new frame, it might be necessary to reset the drawing color to white with full opacity:, 1, 1, 1)

This ensures that any textures or images drawn afterward will render with their original colors and full opacity.

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