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Question: How do I implement screen scaling in Love2D using the push library?


push is a simple library that allows for resolution-independent rendering in LÖVE games, also known as letterboxing. This can be very useful when you want your game to run at a fixed resolution regardless of the window size.

Here's how you can use the push library:

  1. Download the push library: First, get the push.lua file from its GitHub repository or another source.

  2. Include push in your project: Place the push.lua file in your project directory and require it in your main.lua.

local push = require 'push'
  1. Initialize push: In your love.load() function, initialize push with your desired game resolution.
function love.load() local gameWidth, gameHeight = 800, 600 -- fixed game resolution local windowWidth, windowHeight = love.window.getDesktopDimensions() push:setupScreen(gameWidth, gameHeight, windowWidth, windowHeight, {fullscreen = false, resizable = true, pixelperfect = true}) end
  1. Use push functions for drawing: Instead of using the regular LÖVE calls for drawing on the screen, use push:start() and push:finish() before and after your drawing code.
function love.draw() push:start() -- Your drawing logic here. push:finish() end
  1. Resizing: Handle the window resizing by implementing the love.resize(w, h) callback and calling push:resize(w, h) within it to adjust the game's viewport correctly.
function love.resize(w, h) push:resize(w, h) end

By following these steps, you'll have a basic setup that uses the push library to manage different screen resolutions and maintain consistent scaling and aspect ratio for your LÖVE games.

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