Question: How do you scale an object in Love2D?


In Love2D, scaling an object can be done using the function or by adjusting the scale parameters in functions like Below is an example of how to scale an object in Love2D:

function love.load() -- Load an image image ='path/to/image.png') end function love.draw() local scaleX, scaleY = 2, 2 -- Scale factors: 2x width, 2x height -- Scale the entire drawing environment -- Save the current transformation, scaleY) -- Draw the image at (100, 100) after scaling -- It means the image will be drawn at (200, 200) with twice the original size, 100, 100) -- Revert back to the original transformation end

In this code, we use and to isolate the scaling transformation so that it only affects the specific draw call between them. This way, other elements drawn outside of the push/pop block are not scaled.

Alternatively, you can directly provide the scale factors to the function without altering the entire drawing environment:

function love.draw() local x, y = 100, 100 local scaleX, scaleY = 2, 2 -- Scale factors: 2x width, 2x height -- Draw the image at (100, 100) with the specified scale, x, y, 0, scaleX, scaleY) end

In this second example, the draw function takes additional arguments for rotation (set to 0 here) and scaling (scaleX, scaleY). The image is scaled during the draw call without affecting other graphics operations.

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