Question: How do you resize the canvas in Love2D?


In Love2D, resizing the canvas refers to adjusting the size of a Canvas object, which is essentially an off-screen render target that you can draw to. To do this, you simply create a new Canvas with the desired dimensions. Here's how you can do it:

-- Assuming we already have an existing canvas local myCanvas =, 600) -- Function to resize the canvas function resizeCanvas(newWidth, newHeight) -- Create a new Canvas with new dimensions myCanvas =, newHeight) end -- You can call this function whenever you need to resize your canvas, -- for instance, in response to a window resize event: function love.resize(w, h) resizeCanvas(w, h) end

However, if you're looking to scale or resize the contents drawn on the screen (which should not be confused with the actual canvas object), you'd work with the drawing scale or transformation functions within Love2D. Here's an example using to respond to window resizing:

function love.draw() -- Calculate the scale factor local scaleX, scaleY = / myCanvas:getWidth(), / myCanvas:getHeight() -- Draw the canvas to the screen with the new scale, 0, 0, 0, scaleX, scaleY) end

Make sure when you're working with graphics scaling to consider the aspect ratio to prevent distortion. Additionally, remember that these operations can affect performance, especially when scaling large canvases frequently.

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