Question: How do I remove the Universal Render Pipeline from my Unity project?


To remove the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) from your Unity project, you'll need to follow these steps. Note that as of Unity 2022 LTS, the process might differ slightly or require additional steps:

  1. Open the Package Manager:

    • Go to Window -> Package Manager.
  2. Remove URP Package:

    • In the list of packages, find the "Universal RP" package.
    • Click on it and then click the "Remove" button if available. If not, proceed to the next steps.
  3. Revert to the Built-in Renderer:

    • Open the Graphics settings via Edit -> Project Settings -> Graphics.
    • Under the "Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings," click the "X" button or drag and set the field to None to revert back to the built-in render pipeline.
  4. Change Material Settings:

    • Materials that were designed for URP may not look correct once you switch back to the built-in pipeline. You might have to manually change their shader selection from URP shaders to standard shaders.

Here's a quick example of how you might programmatically change shaders in materials:

foreach (var material in Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll<Material>()) { if ("Universal Render Pipeline")) { material.shader = Shader.Find("Standard"); } }
  1. Update Quality Settings:

    • Navigate to Edit -> Project Settings -> Quality.
    • For each quality level, make sure that the "Rendering" section is set up correctly, and the "Scriptable Render Pipeline" field is cleared.
  2. Check Project for URP Assets:

    • Use the search bar in the Project window to find any remaining URP assets by searching for "t:RenderPipelineAsset".
    • Remove any assets found or replace them with relevant non-URP versions.
  3. Fix any Broken Scripts:

    • If you have scripts that reference URP namespaces (using UnityEngine.Rendering.Universal;), you'll need to remove or update those references.
  4. Clean Up and Test:

    • After removing URP, go through your scenes and prefabs to ensure everything looks as expected.
    • Pay special attention to lighting and post-processing, as those may be significantly different after the change.
  5. Reimport All Assets (Optional):

    • Sometimes, changes might not reflect immediately, so you can force Unity to recompile all assets by going to Assets -> Reimport All.

Please note that in Unity 2022 LTS and later versions, fully removing URP may involve additional steps due to tighter integrations and dependencies. Always back up your project before making significant changes to avoid data loss.

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