Question: Will Godot get console support?


Godot Engine did not officially support major consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch out of the box. This was largely due to the proprietary nature of console SDKs and the legal requirements imposed by console manufacturers, which were incompatible with Godot's open-source license.

However, there were third-party companies and initiatives that provided solutions for Godot developers to bring their games to consoles, such as:

  • W4 Games: Offered a service to port Godot games to various consoles.
  • Lone Wolf Technology: Also offered porting services for Godot-based games to consoles.

These services typically required developers to have access to the console's SDK, which usually means entering into a partnership or obtaining permission from the console manufacturer.

For direct integration and official support within the Godot engine itself, it would depend on future developments and potential changes in the relationships between the Godot development team, the open-source community, and the console manufacturers. It's possible that with time and negotiation, some form of easier or more integrated console support could become available.

To keep up-to-date with the latest developments regarding Godot and console support, you should refer to the official Godot website and community channels.

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