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Question: How much does Redis Enterprise cost?


Redis Labs, the company behind Redis, offers an enterprise-level product called "Redis Enterprise." The cost of Redis Enterprise is not publicly available but it typically depends on a variety of factors such as:

  1. The specific requirements of your project.
  2. The number of nodes you plan to run.
  3. Any additional services or support you may require.

To get an accurate quote for your use case, it's best to contact Redis Labs directly through their official website.

While pricing for Redis Enterprise is not openly provided, Redis Labs offers a free tier of their managed database service, "Redis Cloud," to help users get started. This can be useful for development and testing purposes, but for production-grade workloads, the paid options would be more suitable.

Please note that the open-source version of Redis is free to use and can be self-managed. However, it won't come with the extended features and support provided by Redis Enterprise.

It's important to keep in mind that managing your own Redis installation also means taking responsibility for aspects like durability, high availability, and scalability that are handled by the Redis Enterprise platform. Therefore, the cost trade-off between time, resources, and subscription fee should be considered carefully.

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