Question: How can you stop Redis Enterprise?


To stop Redis Enterprise, you can use the rladmin command line interface (CLI), specifically the rladmin cluster stop command. Here's how you do it:

Start by accessing your Redis Enterprise node via SSH:

ssh user@node_address

Then, use the rladmin CLI to stop the cluster:

sudo rladmin cluster stop

This command will stop all the nodes in the Redis Enterprise cluster.

Please note that this command should be used cautiously, as it will halt all operations of your Redis Enterprise Cluster. Also, ensure you have required permissions to run these commands.

In some cases where Redis has been set up as a service, you can also use the service control (systemctl) to stop Redis:

sudo systemctl stop redis

This command stops the Redis server but does not change its state on system boot. If you want to prevent Redis from starting on system boot, use:

sudo systemctl disable redis

Please replace redis with the actual name of your Redis service if it's different.

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