Question: What is the default password for Redis Enterprise?


Redis Enterprise does not have a default password set. This is designed to enforce better security measures by prompting users to create their own passwords when setting up instances.

If you're trying to log into the Redis Enterprise Software management UI and have forgotten your credentials, it's important to note that only the "" user has a default password ("password"). For any other accounts or if you've changed this and can't remember your login, you'll need to reset your password.

Here are the steps to reset your password:

$ sudo rladmin cluster reset_password email <user-email>

Replace <user-email> with your registered email address. The password will be sent to your email.

Please note that information may change, and you should always refer to the most recent documentation from Redis Labs.

Remember, It's highly recommended to change these default credentials, especially in production environments, to maintain strong security.

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