Redis ZREVRANGEBYSCORE in Python (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

ZREVRANGEBYSCORE is used in Redis to retrieve a range of members in a sorted set stored at a specific key, with scores between two specified values and in descending order. It's particularly useful for leaderboards where you need to fetch top scores or any application where data needs to be retrieved based on score ranges.

Code for Examples

Example 1: Basic Usage of zrevrangebyscore

In this example, we'll retrieve members with scores between 1 and 100 from a sorted set called user_scores.

import redis # Connect to Redis client = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0) # Adding some dummy data client.zadd('user_scores', {'Alice': 50, 'Bob': 70, 'Charlie': 90}) # Fetching scores between 1 and 100 scores = client.zrevrangebyscore('user_scores', 100, 1, withscores=True) print(scores) # Output might include [('Charlie', 90), ('Bob', 70), ('Alice', 50)]

Example 2: Limiting the Number of Results

Sometimes, you might want to limit the number of results returned. In this case, you can use the start and num options.

# Fetching top 2 scores between 1 and 100 limited_scores = client.zrevrasee_by_score('user_scores', 100, 1, start=0, num=2, withscores=True) print(limited_scores) # Output could be [('Charlie', 90), ('Bob', 70)]

Best Practices

  • Data Modeling: When using sorted sets, design your keys sensibly. The key should represent the collection of similar objects.
  • Memory Management: Be wary of large ranges in zrevrangebyscore, as retrieving huge datasets can impact memory usage significantly.

Common Mistakes

  • Score Inversion Confusion: Remember that zrevrangebyscore retrieves scores in descending order. Ensure not to confuse with zrangebyscore which retrieves in ascending order.
  • Incorrect Score Order: Always specify the higher score first as it retrieves in reverse.


Q: Can I use zrevrangebyscore to retrieve all elements with the highest score? A: Yes, you can use '+inf' and '-inf' as the score boundaries to retrieve elements including those with the highest score in descending order.

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