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Redis XACK in Ruby (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

The XACK command in Redis is used to acknowledge messages in a stream. The typical use case for this command is when you have a system that processes messages from a stream, and you want to mark certain messages as processed so they aren't processed again.

Code Examples

Here's an example of how to use the 'xack' method in Ruby:

require 'redis' redis = stream_key = 'mystream' # Adding some data to a stream redis.xadd(stream_key, '*', 'field1', 'Hello', 'field2', 'World') # Reading data from the stream messages = redis.xread('COUNT', 2, 'STREAMS', stream_key, 0) # Acknowledging the message message_id = messages.first[1].first[0] redis.xack(stream_key, 'mygroup', message_id)

In this example, we first add some data to a stream. Then we read the data from the stream and finally acknowledge the message using xack.

Best Practices

  • Always handle exceptions while acknowledging messages. If the acknowledgment fails due to some issue, your application should be able to retry the operation or log it for further investigation.
  • It's good practice to acknowledge a message as soon as it has been successfully processed.

Common Mistakes

  • Not acknowledging messages after processing them. This can cause the same message to be processed multiple times which could lead to unexpected side effects.
  • Acknowledging a message before it is actually processed. If the process fails after the acknowledgment, the message will be lost.


Q: Can I unacknowledge a message once it's acknowledged?

A: No, once a message is acknowledged using XACK, it can't be unacknowledged.

Q: What happens if I don't acknowledge a message?

A: If a message is not acknowledged, it stays in the stream and can be delivered again when the consumer group is queried.

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