Getting Total Commands Processed in Redis using PHP (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

This query is typically used to monitor the performance and usage of a Redis server. If the number of commands processed is increasing rapidly, it may indicate high traffic or potential performance issues.

Code Examples

To get the total number of commands processed by the Redis server, you can use the info method in phpRedis extension which retrieves statistics about the server:

$redis = new Redis(); $redis->connect('', 6379); $info = $redis->info(); echo 'Total commands processed: ', $info['total_commands_processed'];

In this example, we first establish a connection to the Redis server running on localhost ( port 6379. Then we call the info method, which returns an associative array containing various statistical information about the server. We then print the number of total commands processed.

Best Practices

  • Always handle exceptions or connection errors when dealing with Redis operations to prevent application crashes.
  • Regularly monitor total commands processed as part of your Redis health checks.

Common Mistakes

  • Not checking if the Redis server is actually running and available before trying to connect. This could throw an exception or fatal error.


Q: What does 'total commands processed' mean? A: It's a counter that increases each time a command is called on the Redis server.

Q: Can I reset the 'total commands processed' count? A: No, it cannot be reset without restarting the Redis server. This is a cumulative metric since the server started.

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