Redis ZREVRANK Command in Node.js (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

The ZREVRANK command in Redis is used to determine the ranking of a member in a sorted set, with the scores ordered from high to low. Common use cases include:

  • Leaderboards in gaming, where you want to find a player's rank among top scorers.
  • Applications that require a reverse ranking mechanism, such as listing most upvoted or top-rated items.

Code Examples

Example 1: Basic Usage of ZREVRANK

This example shows how to retrieve the reverse rank of a member in a sorted set using node_redis.

const redis = require('redis'); const client = redis.createClient(); client.on('connect', function() { console.log('Connected to Redis...'); }); // Adding some sample members to a sorted set client.zadd('game_scores', 100, 'Alice', 150, 'Bob', 200, 'Carol', (err, response) => { if (err) throw err; console.log(`Members added: ${response}`); // Getting the reverse rank of 'Bob' client.zrevrank('game_scores', 'Bob', (err, rank) => { if (err) throw err; console.log(`Reverse rank of Bob: ${rank}`); // Output will be 1 }); }); client.quit();

In this script, we first connect to Redis and add three members to a sorted set named game_scores. We then use zrevrank to get and print the reverse rank of "Bob".

Example 2: Handling Non-existent Members

Handling cases where the member does not exist in the sorted set.

client.zrevrank('game_scores', 'Dave', (err, rank) => { if (err) throw err; if (rank === null) { console.log('Member does not exist in the sorted set'); } else { console.log(`Reverse rank of Dave: ${rank}`); } });

Here, attempting to fetch the rank for "Dave" results in null since "Dave" is not a part of the sorted set. This script demonstrates checking for a non-existent member.

Best Practices

  • Ensure that the sorted set exists and has members before using ZREVRInK to avoid null responses which may be mistaken for errors.
  • Always handle the callback's error parameter to catch and manage potential issues during execution.

Common Mistakes

  • Not handling the scenario where the member does not exist in the sorted set; always check if the returned rank is null.
  • Forgetting to close the Redis connection can lead to resource leaks.


Q: What happens if there are two members with the same score? A: If multiple members have the same score, Redis will order them lexicographically by their names. The rank returned by ZREVRANK will still be unique for each member.

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