Node Redis Get Total Commands Processed (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

In Node.js, you might want to monitor the total number of commands processed by your Redis server. This can help you understand the load on your Redis server and optimize its performance as necessary.

Code Examples

The info command in Redis returns various information about the server, one of which is total_commands_processed. Here's how you can get this data using Node.js:

Example 1: Using a Redis client library such as ioredis

var Redis = require('ioredis'); var redis = new Redis(); // use default settings'Stats', function(err, result) { var stats = result.split('\r\n').slice(1,-2); var totalCommandsProcessed = stats.find(stat => stat.startsWith('total_commands_processed')); console.log(totalCommandsProcessed.split(':')[1]); });

In this code, we're requesting the 'Stats' section from the INFO command, which includes total_commands_processed. We split the result into an array of lines, find the one that starts with 'total_commands_processed', and print the value after the colon.

Best Practices

Keep these best practices in mind when using Redis:

  • Do not call info too frequently in your application because it's a relatively expensive command. Consider setting up a separate system monitoring process if you constantly need this kind of information.

Common Mistakes

  • Not handling possible errors when calling the info function. Always make sure to handle these errors appropriately.


  • Can I get the number of commands processed by a specific database in Redis?

No, total_commands_processed gives you the total commands processed by the server, not for a specific database.

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