Redis ZRANGESTORE in Python (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

The ZRANGESTORE command in Redis is used to store a specified range of elements from a sorted set into a new destination sorted set. This is useful in scenarios where you need to periodically update a subset of a larger sorted set for quick access, such as leaderboards, time-series data subsets, or processing queues.

Code Examples

Basic Usage of ZRANGESTORE

This example demonstrates how to use ZRANGESTORE to copy a range of elements from one sorted set to another.

import redis # Connect to Redis client = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0) # Add some members to the original sorted set client.zadd('scores', {'Alice': 50, 'Bob': 100, 'Charlie': 75}) # Use ZRANGESTORE to copy top 2 scores to a new sorted set client.zrangestore('top_scores', 'scores', 0, 1) # Retrieve and print the new sorted set print(client.zrange('top_scores', 0, -1, withscores=True))

Using ZRANGESTORE with Rev Option

If you want to get the elements in descending order based on their scores, use the rev=True option.

# Use ZRANGESTORE to copy top 2 scores in descending order client.zrangestore('top_scores_rev', 'scores', 0, 1, rev=True) # Retrieve and print the new sorted set print(client.zrange('top_scores_rev', 0, -1, withscores=True))

Best Practices

  • Use Appropriate Indexing: Remember that Redis indexes are 0-based. Ensure that your start and stop indexes are correctly set to avoid off-by-one errors.
  • Connection Management: Always manage Redis connections properly by closing them or using connection pools to handle multiple requests efficiently.

Common Mistakes

  • Ignoring Return Values: The ZRANGESTORE command returns the number of elements in the resulting sorted set. Ignoring this value can lead to missed checks for successful operations.
  • Incorrect Range Values: Incorrectly setting start and stop values can result in empty or unexpected results in the destination sorted set.


Q: Can ZRANGESTORE be used to directly modify the original sorted set? A: No, ZRANGESTORE does not modify the original sorted set but creates a new sorted set based on the specified range.

Q: Is ZRANGESTORE available in all versions of Redis? A: No, ZRANGESTORE was introduced in Redis version 6.2. Before using it, ensure that your Redis server is updated to at least this version.

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