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Unity Logo
2005 // 2D + 3D //
C#mobile, desktop, console, browser, vr, arRoyalty ($1M+)25.8m-
Unreal Engine Logo
1998 // 2D + 3D //
C++, Blueprintmobile, desktop, console, browser, vr, arRoyalty ($1M+)33.8m-
RPG Maker Logo
1992 // 2D //
JavaScriptmobile, desktop, console, browserFlat Fee21.2m-
Godot Logo
2014 // 2D + 3D //
GDScript, C#, C++, VisualScriptmobile, desktop, console, browserFree31.1m78.1k
Ren'Py Logo
2004 // 2D //
Pythonmobile, desktop, browserFree2717.1k4.1k
GameMaker Logo
1999 // 2D + 3D //
GameMaker Language (GML)mobile, desktop, console, browserFreemium2594.9k-
Construct 3 Logo
2017 // 2D //
JavaScriptmobile, desktop, browserSaaS1463.3k-
Luadesktop, mobileFree2109.1k3.9k
Open 3D Engine Logo
2021 // 2D + 3D //
C++, Luadesktop, consoleFree499.9k7.0k
BuildBox Logo
2014 // 3D //
JavaScriptmobile, desktop, browserSaaS296.0k-
Haxe Logo
2005 // 2D + 3D
Haxemobile, desktop, console, browserFree484.0k5.8k
Babylon.js Logo
2013 // 3D //
TypeScript, JavaScriptbrowserFree377.8k21.7k
Defold Logo
2012 // 2D
Luamobile, desktop, browserFree470.2k3.3k
Flax Engine Logo
2018 // 2D + 3D //
C#, C++desktop, console, mobile, vr, arRoyalty ($250k+) 369.0k5.1k
Stride Logo
2015 // 2D + 3D //
C#mobile, desktop, console, vrFree365.7k5.8k
Cocos Creator Logo
2016 // 2D + 3D //
JavaScript, TypeScriptmobile, desktop, browser, consoleFree362.2k-
Cocos2d Logo
2010 // 2D
C++, Python, Javascriptmobile, desktop, browserFree462.2k17.6k
PlayCanvas Logo
2011 // 2D + 3D //
JavaScriptbrowser, mobile, desktop, vr, arFreemium362.1k8.8k
Bevy Logo
2020 // 3D
Rustdesktop, browserFree459.7k28.6k
MonoGame Logo
2012 // 2D
C#mobile, desktop, consoleFree353.0k10.3k
Armory Logo
2D + 3D //
Haxedesktop, mobile, console, browser, vrFree346.3k2.9k
Visualmobile, desktop, console, browserFreemium135.2k-
Phaser Logo
2013 // 2D
JavaScript, TypeScriptbrowserFree233.8k35.6k
CryEngine Logo
2002 // 3D //
C++, C#desktop, console, vrRoyalty431.3k-
CopperCube Logo
2D + 3D //
JavaScript, ActionScriptmobile, desktop, browser, vrFreemium330.1k-
GameSalad Logo
2010 // 2D //
Luamobile, desktop, browserFreemium226.4k-
Luamobile, desktop, browserFree224.8k2.3k
KlayGE Logo
2000 // 3D
C++mobile, desktop, browserFree422.4k1.9k
A-Frame Logo
2015 // 3D
JavaScript, HTMLbrowser, vrFree222.4k15.9k
LibGDX Logo
2010 // 2D + 3D
Javamobile, desktop, browserFree418.0k22.2k
Dartmobile, desktop, browserFree315.7k8.4k
Panda3D Logo
2002 // 2D + 3D
Python, C++desktop, browser, mobileFree315.1k4.1k
Javadesktop, browser, vrFree39.4k3.6k
Evergine Logo
2D + 3D //
C#, C++mobile, desktop, console, browser, vr, arSaaS47.0k-
Pascalmobile, desktop, browser, vrFree36.9k799
2D + 3D //
Spring Engine Logo
2007 // 3D
C++, LuadesktopFree54.6k3.3k
GDevelop Logo
2008 // 2D + 3D //
JavaScriptdesktop, mobile, browserFreemium24.5k5.5k Logo
2D + 3D
Haxemobile, desktop, console, browserFree34.4k3.0k
JavaScriptbrowser, desktop, mobileFree43.9k9.7k
RPG in a Box Logo
2D + 3D //
BauxitedesktopFlat Fee33.8k-
HaxeFlixel Logo
2011 // 2D
Haxemobile, desktop, browserFree33.3k1.8k
Egret Logo
2014 // 2D + 3D //
TypeScript, JavaScriptmobile, desktop, browserFreemium32.3k-
WickedEngine Logo
2022 // 3D //
C++, Luadesktop, browser, consoleFree31.9k5.0k
C#mobile, desktop, consoleFree31.8k216
AppGameKit Logo
2011 // 2D + 3D //
AppGameKit Script, C++mobile, desktop, console, vrFlat Fee31.5k-
Fyrox Logo
2D + 3D //
Rustdesktop, browserFree31.4k6.8k
C++, GMLdesktop, browserFree31.3k305
Amethyst Logo
2D + 3D
Rustdesktop, browserFree41.1k8.0k
Allegro Logo
1995 // 2D
C, C++mobile, desktopFree38241.7k
melonJS Logo
2011 // 2D
JavaScriptbrowser, mobileFree38095.6k
Javadesktop, mobileFree3575664
ActionScriptmobile, desktop, browserFree35292.8k
Orx Logo
Cdesktop, mobile, browserFree44741.2k
TypeScript, JavaScriptbrowserFree23911.5k
macroquad Logo
2D + 3D
Rustdesktop, mobile, browserFree32582.5k
ct.js Logo
2D + 3D //
JavaScriptdesktop, browserFree42391.4k
ezEngine Logo
2D + 3D //
C++desktop, mobile, browserFree31171.1k
Gomobile, desktop, browserFree3-9.1k
Ambient Logo
2D + 3D
LumixEngine Logo
2D + 3D //
C++, JavaScript, TypeScriptdesktop, mobile, browserFree3-3.1k
React Native Game Engine Logo
React Native Game Engine
JavaScriptmobile, browserFree4-2.7k
X-Ray Engine Logo
X-Ray Engine
C4 Engine Logo
1999 // 3D //
C++desktop, consoleFlat Fee4--
Urho3D Logo
2D + 3D //
C++, AngelScriptmobile, desktop, browser, consoleFree4-4.4k
Pyxel Logo
Halley Game Engine Logo
Halley Game Engine
2D + 3D
C++desktop, consoleFree3-3.4k
Gomobile, desktop, browserFree3-1.7k
Oak Logo
Intrinsic Logo
C++desktop, vrFree4-1.0k
LittleJS Logo
G3N Logo
3D //
C++mobile, desktop, consoleFree4-2.0k
Spartan Engine Logo
Spartan Engine
3D //
C++desktop, console, vrFree4-1.9k
C++, Luadesktop, browserFree3--
Amulet Logo
2D + 3D
Luamobile, desktop, browserFree2-477
Javadesktop, mobileFree3-557
Glide Engine Logo
Glide Engine
Swiftdesktop, mobileFree2-475
Planimeter Game Engine 2D Logo
Planimeter Game Engine 2D
C++, LuadesktopPaid3--
Planck.js Logo
2020 // 2D
Turso3D Logo
Haxemobile, desktop, browserFree3-479
jle Logo
2022 // 3D //
C++, Luadesktop, webNA2-92
Minko framework Logo
Minko framework
C++, ActionScriptdesktop, browser, mobileFree3-900
RavEngine Logo
rbfx Logo
2D + 3D //
C++, C#desktop, mobile, browserFree3-685

What are Game Engines?

Let's start by defining our battlefield. Game engines are software platforms that empower developers to create video games. They provide the necessary tools to design game worlds, implement gameplay mechanics, add sounds, physics, AI, and more. Essentially, game engines are the robust foundations upon which we build interactive experiences.

Consider this analogy: if making a game is akin to building a house, the game engine would be your construction equipment and blueprint combined, essential for bringing your vision to life.

Importance of Choosing the Right Game Engine

Choosing the appropriate game engine can make or break your project. A suitable engine can dramatically reduce development time and resources, letting you focus on what matters most: creating a fantastic gaming experience. On the flip side, picking an ill-fitted one can lead to unnecessary complications, longer development cycles, and increased costs.

Think of it this way: each game engine has its own personality and strengths. Unity might be a jack-of-all-trades, while Unreal Engine shines in rendering high-quality visuals, CryEngine excels in FPS (First Person Shooter) games, and Godot offers supreme flexibility with its open-source nature. So, choosing wisely, based on your project requirements, is critical.

How to Choose the Right Game Engine for Your Project

Choosing the right game engine can feel overwhelming, given the plethora of options. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What type of game am I creating? A sprawling open-world RPG will have different needs than a mobile puzzle game.
  2. What’s my resource budget? Some engines require powerful hardware or involve licensing fees.
  3. Which programming languages am I comfortable with? Engines like Unity use C#, while Unreal Engine uses C++, for instance.
  4. What level of graphics quality do I need? Your choice may differ if you're going for a photorealistic style versus a retro pixel art aesthetic.
  5. How much support and learning materials do I need? Larger engines have extensive documentation and active communities.

What to Look for in a Game Engine

When considering different game engines, pay attention to these key aspects:

  1. Ease of Use: An intuitive interface and user-friendly features can save you countless hours.
  2. Community and Support: A robust community means more tutorials, assets, and peers who can help resolve issues.
  3. Flexibility and Control: Does the engine allow you to modify its source code or provide sufficient tools for customization?
  4. Documentation and Learning Resources: Comprehensive guides are invaluable when starting or troubleshooting.
  5. Performance and Stability: An efficient, reliable engine ensures your game runs smoothly across targeted platforms.
  6. Cost: Not just the upfront price tag, but also potential royalties upon your game's release.

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